OOR Testimonials

It's the New OOREO! 
Sweet Chocomotion Sandwich

Vegan Cookie Testimonials from Individuals Who May or May Not Be Family

“Sweeties Peaces is sweet supple serenity!”
—Marlene, Grandmother & Cookie Connoisseur 

“Cookies for breakfast? You bet!  These treats kick start my ass kicking day!”
—Shannon, Sales Maven and Dessert Aficionado

“I do not like Vegan cookies, Sam I am…until, I tried this one.”
—Andy, Distiller and Beef Jerky Lover

“The Off Our Rocker ladies rock!”

“My day was sweetened with some crumbled sweet chocomotion on top of vanilla ice cream!” 
—Miles, Ultimate Optimist and Outdoorsman & Non-Vegan

“A vegan cookie that’s moist and tastes good?  Who would have thought?!”
—Amanda, Realtor and Vegan for Life 

“I don’t always eat cookies, but when I do, I prefer Sweetie Nuttin'.”                       -The World's Most Moderately Interesting Man