Why plant based? Truth be told, we didn't set out to make a plant based cookie.  We simply wanted to make a delicious cookie with simple ingredients that could be enjoyed any time of day.  The bars we were eating were dry and unsatisfying, leaving us hungry for something more.  We recognized that we were on to something, a plant based cookie that will fuel you throughout the day as a filling breakfast option, pre or post workout treat or to simply satisfy that sweet tooth!  Healthy eating doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice taste. Our goal is to reach across the aisle to herbivores and carnivores alike!  No two palettes, diets, or food trends are alike; however, we promise that our cookies will satisfy them all!

For maximum freshness our cookies should be refrigerated for up to six weeks or frozen up to six months or simply eat it right away! XO The Co-Rockers 

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