Four years ago, we embarked on a journey to create a business that drew upon our creative spirit, social nature and our collective backgrounds.  The business ideas we hatched had similar themes:  a focus on women, the importance of collaboration, social responsibility and the key element of infusing our personalities and laughter. Off Our Rocker might have been a collaborative workspace, clutter management agency, merchandise and lingerie Kiosk called “Victoria’s got a secret and it means she’s getting older” and our favorite, a podcast called “We think we are funny even if you don’t.”  Perhaps we might have ended up on Shark Tank.  Entrepreneurship isn’t just for the young, but the young at heart. 
Instead, we veered in a different direction to focus on building a business in the food industry.  For us, OOR signified more than just a baked goods company, as we wanted to show women in their 50’s and older that reinvention is possible, attainable and rewarding. Owning and running our own business in the food trade, has been incredibly gratifying and fulfilling.  Starting from scratch we have learned the ins and outs, from cookies to nuts: the vernacular, business operations, revenue streams and marketing acumen.  We have made remarkable and enriching connections over the years with likeminded foodpreneurs, women and men who are eager to help one another by sharing their experience and insight. The guidance we have received has given us the opportunity to build our brand and provide a product that our customers know and love. 
Off Our Rocker Cookies is now in its third year. This past year we fully committed to offering plant-based products with healthy ingredients, moved to a new kitchen facility, streamlined operations and were poised for growth in retail as well as collaborations with universities and office spaces.  At the end of February, we were ready to unveil OOR’s new and beautiful packaging, a collaboration with Opus Design in Boston after having received a grant to take on this fresh initiative.  
If there is one thing we have learned as foodpreneurs, it is the importance of learning to pivot operations and moving forward. When Massachusetts responsibly came to a halt in March in due to Covid-19, we were and continue to be one of the many businesses affected.  Our kitchen began producing emergency meals for underserved communities in Boston.  While we were not able to make our product, we knew we wanted to be a part of the solution and to give back where we could.  Using our remaining inventory, we donated our single packaged goods to insecure food communities and health care workers. 
At this time, many of our retailers have paused operations while they rethink and streamline their business and rehire their employees.  We continue to operate out of CommonWealth Kitchen in Dorchester, keeping in mind that procedures are wholly different due to important safety guidelines and fewer businesses operating simultaneously, limiting our production.  We will continue to offer our products online while inventory allows and focus our efforts on providing snacks to underserved communities while building upon our resources and experience in the food world to help small businesses.  
So today, we have circled back to our original focus and we’ve checked off many of the boxes: we created Seniorpreneur Moment to focus on women in their mature years who have reinvented themselves, collaborated with small batch businesses to help attain growth, and knowledge and focused on the needs of underserved communities. Most importantly, we are grateful to have found a passion that provides us with endless amounts of laughter and joy along with opportunities for fulfillment and enrichment, personally and professionally. Our ultimate goal is to share our experiences and wisdom, and to empower and motivate others to take the leap Off Our Rocker.  Thank you to all of you who have been part of our journey thus far and continue  with us as we move into some new and unchartered territory, and our next chapter.  Wishing you all good health, safety and happiness in the days ahead.
Love from the Co-Rockers


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