It’s that time of year, the giving season (which makes us wonder why giving isn’t a perennial) and we’ve got our favorites for everyone! 

We consistently hear the following from our customers: my friend, my co-worker, my roommate, my family member, my neighbor is gluten-free, vegan, sugar- free, soy-free or dairy- free, and I don’t know what to get them?! The Co-Rockers have you covered with fabulous gift options that will delight AND pay it forward, supporting a cause that is near and dear to us.  For the remainder of the year, 10 % of all sales will be donated to Lovin’ Spoonfuls, an organization that focuses on increasing awareness on food waste and supporting insecure food communities. Now on to OOR’s Gift Giving options! 

Best Gift for the Exercise Enthusiast ($19.99)

Includes: six (6) cookies, one (1) tote bag

No, it’s not a Peloton or an Orange Theory membership, but we promise that this is the 6 pack they are looking for! Our gift box includes a mix of 6 sweet potato cookies along with our “Does the food in my bag make my ass look big” tote.  These cookies are the perfect pre- or post- workout treat, and we promise our bag will make you laugh. *Please note, we are not responsible for any negative reactions from recipients.

Best Gift for your B.F.F. (Best Furry Friend) ($24.99)

Includes choice of peanut butter or cinnamon oat shareable treat & specialty chew toy

The treat you’ve both been begging for! One for your best furry friend and one for you – it’s the shareable treat that says, “what’s good enough for me, is good enough for you”.  Our box of peanut butter or cinnamon oat flavor bites, along with a specialty chew toy.  *Please note, chew toys are only meant for canines.

Best Gift for your Roommate ($34.99)

Includes: six (6) cookies,  one (1) granola, one (1) OOR Mug, four (4) mixed tea bags

You’ve been a slob, you haven’t owned up to drinking that last kombucha or eating the leftover pizza that was marked “Do Not Touch”, not to mention your friend who over stayed their welcome by ten days.   Make sweet amends with our “You Rock” Gift - a 6 pack of sweet potato cookies, Off Our Rocker mug, bag of gluten-free granola, tea and a personalized note that lets your roomie know that you appreciate their patience.

Best Gift for Friend/Family Member with the ever-changing food diet (pricing varies)

Gift certificates and subscriptions may be purchased on line and vary per amount. Please reach out to the Co-Rockers directly for specific details or questions

First it was Keto, then Paleo, then Vegan, perhaps they were obsessed with Intermittent Fasting, the Whole 30 or counting points on Weight Watchers. Our customers claim that our cookies stave off hunger, whether you eat them for breakfast, snack or an end of the day treat that leaves you feeling full, satisfied and energized. Gift them a 3-month subscription, an Off Our Rocker Gift Card or simply a box of sweet potato cookies – it’s the Off Our Rocker Food Fad!

Best Gift for your Co-workers/Employers $34.99

Includes: six (6) cookies,  one (1) granola, one (1) OOR Mug, four (4) mixed tea bags

You’ve called them out when you thought you were on mute, you forgot to include them on the company wide email, and you took “work from home” to a new level. Let them know they “rock” with our Breakfast of Champions Gift that includes a 6 pack of sweet potato cookies, Off Our Rocker mug, bag of nut- free granola, tea and a personalized note of thanks and appreciation!

Best Gift for that Special Someone in your Life

Includes: six (6) cookies,  one (1) size fits all Off Our Rocker Socks – please note that orders for this item must be placed by November 19th for holiday delivery

This is the person who lifts your spirits when you are feeling low, who likes and comments on all your posts, who has their own ring tone on your phone and accepted your “find my” request – they are truly something special!  Let them know they are the best with a gift that will knock their socks off. Six “Sweet Rockin’ Love” Cookies and our signature Off Our Rocker socks.

Best Gift for Foodies

Contact CWK for more information.

You know the type – they know the best restaurants, obsess over foodie Tik Tok videos and baking shows, and would never subscribe to Hello Fresh.  CommonWealth Kitchen has created the perfect foodie gift basket that includes a mélange of items from jams, jerk and simmer sauces, granola (yup, that would be us), cookies, spices and snack foods. The plus factor? All the items are made by women and minority owned businesses. Contact CWK for more information.

*Please note, we are happy to customize all orders to make the perfect rockin’ gift. Simply reach out to us directly at offourrockercookies@gmail.com

Rock On!

XOXO The Co-Rockers (Nanci & Terri)

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