Let's "Vegan" the holidays with a special treat!

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  WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!  The long days of summer have been jammed packed as we make up for lost time, 730 days but who’s counting. We’ve tried to ex...

Fun and Games...Maybe

Fun and Games...Maybe

We’ve been asked time and again whether we are having fun.  The quick answer is, it’s fun to be together, to have someone to laugh with and depend on. It’s “fun” to meet new people in the industry and “fun” to broaden our horizons, engage in new learning opportunities and share our voice.  But just like any game that starts off fun, it’s challenging, it’s real and it takes time to master the ropes.  We’ve gone from crumbs to cookies, working every single day whether we are behind the apron, behind the Hobart Mixer, behind the wheel, behind the table or behind the laptop.  Our goal, to learn the strategies, to increase our knowledge and understand that our successes are built upon the losses and the wins.   Now it’s time for the FUN & GAMES!