The Year That Is.....

Another winter, another newsletter from the Co-Rockers

The 2020 Word of the Year 

COLLABORATIONdef. the action of working with someone to produce or create something 

And you thought it was going to be “Zoom” or “Covid” or “Fauci”.  There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered for the pandemic that rocked the world.  At the same time, 2020 has opened our eyes to the  racial injustice and socioeconomic disparities that continue to persist within our society. 

When we started Off Our Rocker Cookies, we wanted to demonstrate that entrepreneurship isn’t just for the young, but the young at heart. We wanted OOR to signify more than just a baked goods company-we set out to show women in their 50’s and older that reinvention is possible, attainable and rewarding.   This small business has become much more as a result of the connections we have made with the creators at CommonWealth Kitchen - they have shared their stories, wisdom, and experiences and provided us with support, kinship and inspiration to keep moving ahead. These collaborations have been invaluable, and we have become a part of a community of diverse entrepreneurs who have the same drive, grit, commitment and passion for small, local food businesses.  

To that end, as much as we’d like you to hear about us and for you to purchase our delicious sweet potato cookies for the holidays (notice the link), we want to give a shout out to the people and the businesses who have made 2020 a year we will remember because of their willingness to team up with us, pivot with us and create with us. Please show them some “rockin’ love” by checking out their businesses, purchasing their products or simply following them on social media.

To the Boston Foodpreneurs at CWK:

Kamaal Jarrett,Hillside Harvest :  Kamaal, you are HOT and we mean it.  HH hot sauce is on fire and has been newly christened the official hot sauce of the Boston Red Sox, and graces the shelves of Whole Foods and many other markets. Thank you for your continuous humor (laughing at us and with us) guidance, and spearheading our collaboration and vision for SB&L Provisions. 

Manjari Saha,YogiBalls: Manjari, you spread the cheer and the love wherever you go.  Your spreadable yogurt found on the shelves of local shops and Whole Foods is crazy addictive.  Your kindness and thoughtfulness can be felt at every level and we have loved getting to know you!

Jen Bingham and Kelly Wannier, Little Pickins:  Thank you for helping us when we haven’t  known to ask, thinking about us when we are being myopic and looking out for our efficiencies! We don’t have young children any more, but you can bet our grandchildren will be snacking on your frozen organic treats everyday (at Whole Foods folks!)!  

Karen Clarke, Clarke’s Cakes and Cookies: Our fellow vegan maker, you, Wendell and your boys are truly the kindest.  Always offering a helping hand to EVERYONE when they are in need.  Bringing a mellow mood to the kitchen, and baking the most incredible vegan treats.  Next up, your own brick and mortar! 

Teresa Maynard, Sweet Teez Bakery: We’ve always admired you from afar while you crafted your beautiful cakes, pies and baked goods and over the past few months have so enjoyed getting to know the woman behind the incredible baked goods. (And thanks for the special orders!) Thank you for helping us out in a pinch, teaching us a few tricks in the kitchen and sharing your delectable leftovers!

Dan Wexler,Eat Well Meal Kits: Your altruistic business makes healthy eating available to families who are living in insecure food communities.  You are always thinking about others, representing the many voices of our diverse kitchen by bringing us together, providing thoughtful insight, reason and business acumen.Thank you for having our backs.

Commonwealth Kitchen and Staff and CommonTable: All of these businesses are here because of the efforts of the incredible staff behind the facilities, the collaborations, the PR and the fundraising.  When the pandemic began, you set your sites on helping others by creating CommonTable which has fed over 109,000 families in Boston.  Your partnership with Boston Housing Authority provided over 2,000 Thanksgiving meals and you’ve spent $630,000 on the local economy.  It may at times feel like a thankless job, but we are grateful for the guidance, the encouragement and the support needed to help all of us grow, reach our potential and succeed.

To each of you and to those who we may have missed,
a heartfelt thank you.  We could not do this without you. 

Rock On!

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