The Off Our Rocker Random Update!

The Off Our Rocker Random Update

We know that you have all been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what The Co-Rockers have been up to.  Are they on speaking terms? Have they updated their workout wardrobe? When is their next live appearance? Spoiler Alert: Please note, details on the Co-Rockers’ relationship will be revealed in this email.  Should you wish to ignore it or couldn’t care less, please scroll down to the BUY NOW section.   

What’s Cooking, Co-Rockers?

Our Sweet Potato Sensation Cookies!  Did you know that sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A and C, and an antioxidant and a natural inflammatory? Why do you think they call it a “super food”? Sweet Potato is the first ingredient on our labels, followed by gluten-Free oats, almond Flour and maple Syrup.  We offer 7 flavors, one for every day of the week and our cookies are a PERFECT breakfast meal replacement snack, nutritious, super filling and super delicious. 

Hippie Cratic Oats:  It’s the Age of Aquarius and we are Bakers Sworn to the Highest Oat, breaking out our three gluten-free friendly granola flavors(Lemon-Cherry, Orange-Cranberry, and the Original) for your inner Hippie! You’ll be dancing in your birkenstocks at the Dead & Co. concert, when you dig into these bags and no doubt will be back for more!

Sweet Potato Bark:  When it comes to sweets there’s no sharing in the Gelb or Tsagaris family, except when it comes to those adorable mutts, but the only thing we are willing to share are table scraps, dishwasher particles and crumbs.  As a kid, Nanci’s brothers dared her to eat dog food and she obliged. Perhaps this scarring moment is the reason we set out to make a delicious treat to be enjoyed with your Best Furry Friend.  Offered in Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Oat Flavor, our small bites are perfect for you and your BFF.

We found Waldo, so where’s Off Our Rocker Cookies?

Off Our Rocker Cookies has made its way to California, New York City and New Hampshire! Check out our website and Instagram for current retail locations. Know a spot that must carry our products? Hit us up and we’ll knock on their door and let them know who sent us! As always, you can purchase our treats direct from yours truly and despite the fact that we are super crazy – we still package with love! Hankering to see us LIVE and in person? Come visit The Co-Rockers at SOWA 8/22, 9/12, 9/19, 10/3, 10/10 and 10/31 (Halloween, baby!)

It takes a kitchen and a village of cooks:

We are still baking at CommonWealth Kitchen, named the best community catalyst in Boston.  Super grateful for the folks we have met there and the fabulous businesses that rock it every day to make it happen.  We are strengthening our brand presence by creating a partnership with Hillside Harvest, the official hot sauce of the Red Sox and YogiBalls, the addictively delicious yogurt spread.  This food biz trio is building a sales team focused on bringing small, local businesses to independent retailers.

Enquiring minds want to know:

How do the Co-Rockers put up with each other on a daily basis? As Seniorpreneurs, hearing loss and forgetfulness can be benefits.  But just like our recipes, it takes four simple ingredients: patience, laughter, communication and gratitude, topped with a sprinkling of wine, gin and tonic and some good tunes.  Just saying….




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