Rockin' the First Day!

Woke up in the morning excited to bake all day to bring you our crumbles and granola!  But first, we had to get out of bed, take our meds, foam roll our glutes and eat our oatmeal with Metamucil.  Not to worry as this all occurred at 5:30 am!  After our second meal at 6:30 a.m. of our Hippie Cratic Oats with yogurt and a dose of lactaid we were ready to hit the road on our way to Lake Street in Arlington!

We loaded in (slowly), got our bearings and tried to figure out how to lower the A/C as we run hot these days.  Then the fun began with zesting, chopping, baking then sitting, resting and imbibing caffeine.  It was clearly an Off Our Rocker Moment when were challenged by assembling the giant Costco plastic wrap dispenser, leading us to create a new and unique wrap, called the “we’ve been foiled, try tin instead!"

Plastic Conquers Rockers!

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  • Nanci and Terri, I am crying laughing reading your blogs. What an amazing adventure you two are on. I want to be invited to the bake all night with wine event. I’d fly across country and brave the cold in Arlington to laugh with you two. Simply awesome. Love you both. Christy

    Christy O'Rourke Habetz

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