Off Our Rocker Sound & Food Bites

Off Our Rocker Sound and Food Bites 

1,000 + friendly followers•Co-Rockers appearing live at a Farmer’s Market nearest you•Food Show revitalization•Return of our Groovy Granola•Over 10,000 sweet potato cookies baked with love in 2021•In the mouths of college students•Seniorpreneurs feeling younger every day. 

Don’t just buy local, send local

Loca for Local ! Si, es verdad….we all love "local" and we know you are checking out the local foodpreneurs at a retailer near you.  We love the attention, but let’s think outside of the Amazon Prime box and support local businesses by sending their goodies in and out of state!  Think birthdays, holidays, thank you days and every days! Our 6 pack of cookies and granola are the perfect gift for everyone and anyone!

Move over Wheaties, you don’t have to be a champion to enjoy our breakfast

Don’t just take it from us, read the following testimonials from our loyal customers, “Sweet potato cookies fuel my day”, “A day without your granola is a day without your granola”,  “Your cookies put the go in the grab”,  “Off the rockin’ charts!”, “Sweet Sensational"!

The Supply Chain

The more you eat, the more we supply.  Find us on the shelves of these fabulous stores (link here!)

The Co-Rocker Directive

Smile, Laugh, Say thank you, Hug when you can, Call instead of text, take care of yourself so you can take care of others, and enjoy every sweet potato cookie.


XOXO The Co-Rockers



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