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“You make what?!”  asked Mr. Antonio Skeptic

“Cookies.  You know, like Mrs. Fields without the “Mrs”. We prefer Ms. Fields.” answered Co-Rocker 1.

“Did you know that Mrs. ….”

“Please, please” interjected Co-Rocker 2, “we’d like you to refer to her as Ms. She’s a divorcee.”

“Well Miiiizzz Fields was in her early 20’s when she started the business back in the 70’s.” retorted, Mr. Skeptic

“Well, well look who knows so much! So, we’re a little late to the game.  That said, our hard rock Steven Tyler life experience, passion and hair dye help us get through the day.” Replied, Co-Rocker 2

“That doesn’t make you Betty Crocker!” slammed Antonio Skeptic

“Actually, it does – we’ve never stepped into a kitchen either.” replied Co-Rocker 1

“Ok, Ok, so you bake with soul, what the heck does that mean?” Skeptic asked incredulously. 

“It’s a secret ingredient and in order to taste it you need to believe. Unless of course you have no soul, in that case we can’t be responsible for your taste buds.  Read the disclaimer on our website.” 

“Hmmm, also says you ‘label with humor and package with love’?” 

“Picture Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory and you’ve got your answer. Now please move along, we’re selling cookies, not time!”





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