Let's "Vegan" the holidays with a special treat!



The summer of 2022 was all about RE: REgrouping, REenergizing, REentering and REturning which may not have left enough time for RElaxing. As we turn over a new leaf and head into the fall, we aim to find balance. The Co-Rockers have decided to REtire the terms, “Work, life, …”, and prefer to use “Dance”.  Sometimes it’s a tango, other times it’s choreographed, and we’ve found ourselves on our toes and tripping over our feet. It may not always be pretty, but with practice, commitment and creativity, we plan to cha cha our way into finding rhythm and balance this fall. 


We were thrilled and honored to be reviewed by Rachel Ellner of The Boston Globe who shared that our delectable sweet potato cookies stand alone among vegan and plant-based bars and cookies.  Off Our Rocker Cookies began as a small baked goods company spun with flour, sugar and eggs.  We evolved into a plant-based cookie company, hitting a sweet spot and riding on the coat tails of a food industry focused on providing foods with simple ingredients and no preservatives for healthy eating and living.  Our goal is to reach across the food aisle and provide a product intended for all palettes, from herbivores to carnivores.


We are often asked whether Off Our Rocker Cookies has embarked on a path of social responsibility or aligned with a social cause. There are many incredible organizations that provide meaningful and necessary services to individuals, communities and the world. Individually, we are involved and support causes that have had a profound impact on our lives and the lives of others.  Together, as the Co-Rockers, we embody reinvention, revitalization, respect and empowerment.  We aim to spread the love by turning the negative into the positive, by focusing on virtues and values, and improving our world through our own personal growth. Like our plant-based cookies and granola, we begin with the roots, sprinkle them with water, love and care, and watch them grow.  

What is your root cause and how can you plant the seeds to make a positive change in your life? We begin with ours:

Listening is the root cause of understanding. 

We would love for you to share your root cause.

XOXO The Co-Rockers

Smiling is the root cause of harmony 

Love is the root cause of happiness

Planting seeds are the root cause of growth

Laughter is the root cause of happiness

Giving is the root cause of sharing

Sharing is the root cause of giving

Understanding is the root cause of togetherness

Holding hands is the root cause of strength

Hugging is the root cause of community 

Singing is the root cause of harmony

Dogs are the root cause of unconditional love



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