Let's "Vegan" the holidays with a special treat!

Beyond Cookies

Ronald McDonald is shedding his clown shoes for Birkenstocks, letting his hair go au natural and replacing the BLT with the PLT.  We can hear the new lyrics already.


“2 All Fake Beef patties, special lactose free sauce, organic lettuce, farm raised cheese, fair trade onions, fermented pickles on a gluten free bun.”


This isn’t fake news, it’s fake meat. The King isn’t planning to fall on his sword, Burger King just added the Impossible Whopper to their menu while Wendy’s is getting jousted for not jumping on the Veggie Wagon soon enough.  Fret not chicken fans, Colonel Sanders will likely offer fake chicken and it’s not rubber.  Remember the descriptor you mother used to say, “tastes like chicken”. That will actually apply!


What does this have to do with Off Our Rocker’s Sweet Potato Cookies?  We are part of the food revolution, plant based wholesome goodness and welcome the imitators who are opening the doors for food innovation to appease herbivores and carnivores alike, without sacrificing taste.  Perhaps we are impostors as well, as our cookies mimic muffins.  That being said, the only science behind this recipe was a passing grade in 10th grade chemistry.


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