Are you there Gordon Ramsay? It's us, the Co-Rockers

Are you there Gordon Ramsay? It’s us the Co-Rockers.

We are headed into the kitchen today, to bake 1,500 cookies and 80 pounds of granola. Please help us to bake, shlep and clean for 8 hours straight. Some days, Gordon we ask, whose idea was this anyway? Give us patience when the Baxter goes down, the robot coupe breaks, and we mistake grunting for passive aggressive behavior.  It’s all about the shoes. Don’t let the kitchen day be too horrible, Gordon.

How do you do it, Gordon? You run an empire, we run a small, plant-based cookie company and we ask ourselves, are we off our rocker for wanting to be the plant-based Mrs. Fields? Maybe we should hang up our aprons and toss the hairnets.

We met some friends today Gordon, and they want to help us mature (even though we are much older than they are)! They give us advice; they nurture us, and they tell us to keep going. Some of them have distributors, others are moving to their own brick and mortar and some of them are in Whole Foods! We like them and we think they like us. Maybe this food business isn’t so crumby.

We’ve got a crush, Gordon! Our customers! They try our cookies and granola, and they tell us it’s delicious and they will buy some more. Do you think they are just trying to make us feel good? Our friends tell us that we need to believe, believe in our products and believe in ourselves and if we bake it, they will eat it. Plus, maybe we shouldn’t tell you this, we try and make them laugh although sometimes people don’t think we are funny, but we just brush it off because laughter makes us feel good. Do you laugh, Gordon?

We know you are not there Gordon. The reality is that you are in Hell’s Kitchen busy with your shows, answering other people’s prayers, fixing their problems and doling out the tough love. The Rockers have come to the realization that in order to succeed, we must strike out on our own with the support of our family & friends, a hefty dose of determination and grit, a sprinkle of luck and a belief in us, The Co-Rockers.  


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