An Off Our Rocker Instagram Story, as told by two 50 something Co-Rockers

Once upon a time, a short time ago, two 50 year old women created a baking company with delectable sweet goodies.  Each day, they toiled in the warmth of their kitchen, creating cookies and granola, sprinkling them with love and baking them with soul.  This was no cookie cutter business. Fueled by their passion and lots of caffeine, they headed out into the Village of Somerville, dressed in their active wear best, with baskets of goodies, ready to share their delicious, imperfectly shaped cookies with the kind People of the Farmer’s Market.

Then Along came Meme Tweetygram, a savvy 30 year old Sharktank scout.

“Where can I find you?” Tweeted, Meme?

“You can find us right here”, said the older woman with reading glasses.

“No, no, where can I follow you?” snapped Meme

“Follow us? We don’t share where we live!” retorted the elder of the two

“No, no, you don’t understand!  I just want to be your friend”, shared the Meme

“We apologize, Ms. Tweetygram but we have enough friends and don’t need new ones!” The women said in unison.

With that, Meme Tweetygram pursed her lips and said, “you need some help in the social savvy department.”  

That was it for the Co-Rockers. “Miss Tweetygram, we are almost double your age and we have had plenty of experience in the social arena, having been raised on Emily Post!  We’d appreciate it if you’d pay us for the cookie and leave us be” they said emphatically.

“By the way”, said Co-Rocker 1 “you have a tag….”

“Yes, I know” said Meme, “It’s called Shark Tank”

“No” retorted Co-Rocker 2, “it says, J. Crew, $79.99”

And with that, Meme Tweetygram, left the Co-Rockers to sell their treats in peace.






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