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A Seniorpreneur Moment

Co- Rocker 1: “I forgot the keys”

Co-Rocker 2: WHAAAT?

CR1: “I forgot the keys to the kitchen”

CR2: “We are going the kitchen”

CR1:  “Yes, Yes, I know, but we have to turn around, I left the keys to the kitchen at home.”

CR2: “You forgot the keys?!”

CR1:  “ That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.  Can you please turn around so we can get the keys, unless you miraculously have your set.”

CR2: “Sorry, no miracles today.  My keys are in Narnia with my reading glasses and socks.”

CR1:  ”Ok here we are, I’ll run in and get them.”

CR2: “I’ll come with you, I need to use the bathroom….again.”




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